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About Allyson
The Full Story

Allyson Spellman is the CEO & founder of Unleash Your Voice.  She is a former actress, entertainment producer and casting director who worked in various capacities for TV, film and Broadway. She is currently a world-renowned women’s empowerment coach, author, speaker and TV guest expert.


Allyson has coached hundreds of women to stop settling for less and start living without limits. She is the author of "40 Days of Voice Redemption: A Daily Devotional for Women to Unleash Their Authentic Truth."


Through the Unleash Your Voice brand, Allyson has developed programs, workshops and tools designed for women to embrace their authentic voice and reclaim their true identity.  She is a leading expert at shifting women from feeling lost to truly being found.


Allyson has been featured on numerous television, radio programs and publications including Fox Morning Show, ESPN Radio, Fox Radio, Hartford Magazine, New York Social Diary, Hamptons Daze Magazine, Accent Women and Greenwich Girl.


Her life story could be titled "Allyson in Wonderland: One Woman's Decision to Smash the Looking Glass to Live Life on Her Own Terms."


An actress, model, casting director, entertainment producer and entrepreneur- why would such an accomplished woman go through the looking glass and step into a warped world where everything reflected is not what it seems?


Allyson subscribed to what she calls "Cults of Captivity"- destructive limiting beliefs that are unconsciously worshiped and blindly followed.  These self-sabotaging beliefs came out in various ways for Allyson including unknowingly joining a religious cult where she completely gave up her voice and identity.


When Allyson decided to escape the cultish religion and leave everything behind in New York City (where she resided for 20 years) is when she truly began to live.  She decided to stop blaming the church and  start taking responsibility for her own choices by examining what attracted her to that environment in the first place.


That experience was the ultimate wake-up call that Allyson needed to finally break the vicious cycle of self-sabotaging beliefs.  She continues to be incredibly grateful for the time in the church because it planted the powerful seed of her mission to help women everywhere to own their authentic truth and self-worth.

“From Cult to Coaching”


Like a phoenix rising from the flames, not only did Allyson completely rebuild her life in

her mid-thirties, she reclaimed her true voice that was silenced for so long.  A year later, she built a successful business, coached hundreds of women worldwide and married her soul partner (and is now a proud Mommy).

Allyson literally went from a woman with no voice to a woman who has coached hundreds of women to find theirs.  She is devoted to helping other women release themselves from their own "Cults of Captivity" that have bound their greatness for so long.


She was recently honored as one of the “Local Ladies Who Have Made History” in honor of Women’s History Month in Greenwich, CT for her accomplishments and mission to help women all over the world to embrace their authentic worth.



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